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Agility is more than implementing processes or installing frameworks

Take a holistic approach in your Agile journey with Agilize

Coaching for Organisational Agility

  • Designing/Driving/Supporting Agile transformations

  • Leadership coaching

  • Team coaching(Scrum, Kanban, both)

  • Assess maturity of Agile transformations 

  • Designing and running role based programs: Coaching/mentoring  Agile coaches, Scrum Masters, Product Owners

  • Designing and running workshops

  • Portfolio Agility, facilitating big room planning events

  • Agile Workshops


  • trainings :APS, PSM, PSPO, PSK

  • Agilize Agile Trainings

    • Scrum Foundation, Scrum Advanced​

    • Agile Awareness

    • Agile Leadership

    • Lean & Agile Portfolio Management

    • Scrum Product Owner

    • Kanban4Scrum

    • Scramban for non-IT

Domain and Industry Experience

Banks, financial institutions, IT & software, pharma, automotive, telecom, retail, insurance, non-IT support functions(sales, HR, purchasing etc), innovation

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