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Agilize is a UK based Agility services company run by Alper Gurbuz

Primary services  

  • In class and virtual live trainings/programs( accredited courses and bespoke courses)

  • Coaching and consultancy services

Alper Gurbuz


As a Senior Agile Coach and Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) with over 10 years of extensive experience in the Agile space, Alper is deeply passionate about driving successful Agile transformations and fostering true Business Agility.

He has coached more than 70 Agile teams(product or service, different levels up to C level) from diverse industries, including software, finance, banking, fintech, technology, innovation, pharma, retail, insurance, telecom, and automotive. I specialize in helping organisations to apply and scale Agile and Lean principles, values, frameworks/methods(Scrum, Kanban, Nexus, LeSS, SAFe as per their needs and constraints


Additionally, as a Professional Scrum Trainer, Alper has delivered over 1000+ hours of Agile trainings and workshops. My training sessions have reached more than 1000+ individuals across different levels, from team members to CEOs. He has also designed role-based programs for Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and Agile Coaches to enhance their skills and effectiveness.

Alper has also extensive experience in Lean and Agile Portfolio Management.

He designed, facilitated and supported numerous big room planning events (SAFe PI plannings or like) , engaging over 150+ attendees.

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