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Agilize is a UK based Agility services company helping organisations throughout their Agile journey

Primary services  

  • Iın class and virtual live trainings/programs

  • Coaching and consultancy services

Alper Gurbuz


Agile Training :


  • Over 1000+ hours Agile trainings/workshops(Scrum, Kanban, Agile Leadership) delivered to more than 1000+ people (different levels up to CEO)

  • Designed and ran various role based programs for Scrum Masters , Product Owners, and Agile Coaches

  • Being an active coach and a trainer at the same time enables Alper to balance the theory and practise well in his trainings. 


Agile Consultancy/Coaching:

  • 8+ years full time Agile coaching experience through 8 large scale transformation projects

  • Coached more than 80 Agile teams(software, IT, non-IT/business, innovation) more than 10 organizations

  • Created and coached/trained Agile transformation teams formed of internal Agile coaches

  • Designed/modeled Agile transformation of teams/departments/organisations

  • Diverse industry experience: Software, finance, banking, tech, innovation, pharma, retail, insurance, telecom, automotive


  • Significant experience with Scrum, Kanban, Scaled Agile (Spotify, Nexus etc.)


  • Coached portfolio teams for Portfolio Agility

       Designed, Facilitated and supported big room 

       planning events in   different organizations (150+


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