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Available Services

Team Coaching/Agile Delivery Services

  • Rolling out Agile teams and coaching them

  • Scrum Mastering Teams

  • Agile Delivery Support

Portfolio Agility

  • Helping organisations to manage their portfolio in a more Lean & Agile way

Role Based Programs/Coaching

  • Running programs for specific Agile roles(Agile coaches, Scrum Masters, Product Owners)

  • Helping the organisation to create and run CoP s

Agile Workshops

  • Facilitating Product Backlog creation

  • OKR(Objectives and key results) implementation for teams/organisations

  • Metrics workshop for teams

  • Agility health check for teams/organisations

Agile Transformation

  • Rolling out Agile transformations teams and be a team member for a period of time to support wide spread Agile transformation of an organisation

Supporting Innovation Teams

  • Helping innovations teams to adapt Agile way of working

  • Supporting them to embrace Agile mindset

  • Coaching teams to use some of the following: MVP, design thinking, business modelling, lean startup thinking, hypotehesis testing, prototyping, google design Sprint, market selection/assessment


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