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Certifications Certifications is a globally recognized organization for Scrum training and certifications. certifications help professionals demonstrate their understanding and improvement of Scrum practices.

Scrum Master and Product Owner Certification

The Scrum Master certification (PSM 1 certification) tests the ability of Scrum Masters to facilitate effective team work, remove impediments, and apply Scrum principles. There are 2 certfications for Scrum Mastership. PSM 1 and PSM-2

The Product owner certification(PSPO) evaluates the skills of product owners in creating product vision, managing product requirements, and optimizing value. There are differetn certfications for Product Owners. Most popular ones are PSPO 1 and PSPO-2 that are summarized below

You can visit for more detailed information about the certfications. 


PSM 1 certification is an entry-level certification offered by It validates the fundamental understanding of Scrum framework, roles, events, and artifacts. Passing the PSM 1 exam demonstrates the ability to effectively apply Scrum principles in real-world situations.

Time Limit : 60 minutes, Number of questions: 80, Passing Score: 85%


PSM-2 certification is an advanced-level certification for Scrum Masters. It goes deeper into advanced topics such as Agile facilitation, coaching, and servant leadership. PSM-2 holders have demonstrated their mastery of Scrum principles and their ability to support Agile teams at a high level.

Time Limit : 90 minutes, Number of questions: 30, Passing Score: 85%


PSPO 1 certification is designed for Product Owners and product managers. It assesses the understanding of product ownership, including product vision, backlog management, and value optimization. PSPO 1 certified individuals are equipped with the knowledge and skills to maximize the value of products and deliver customer satisfaction.

Time Limit : 60 minutes, Number of questions: 80, Passing Score: 85%


PSPO-2 certification is an advanced-level certification for experienced Product Owners. It focuses on advanced product ownership topics such as product strategy, product discovery, and stakeholder management. PSPO-2 holders have demonstrated their ability to drive product success and deliver business value effectively.

Time Limit : 90 minutes, Number of questions: 30, Passing Score: 85%

Certification Process

The certification process with follows formal training. After completing the training, you will receive an invitation to take the exam. Exams are administered online and must be completed within a specific time frame. certifications are an excellent opportunity to advance your career and hold a significant position in the Agile world. Contact us for more information about our certifications. Certification_ENG.png
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